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Almilog: A Trusted Leader in International Logistics

In the dynamic world of international logistics, standing out requires not just delivering goods from point A to point B but doing so with a blend of reliability, innovation, and personalized care. Almilog has been mastering this art for 17 years, evolving into a trusted name in international freight forwarding.

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Our Logistics Services

International Sanitary 
wares Logistics

Efficient logistics solutions ensuring timely delivery of luxury bathroom fixtures and international sanitary appliances worldwide, from Jacuzzi® swim spas to high-end showers.

Special Equipment 
Project Cargo Transport

Efficiently manage specialized cargo logistics from origin to destination with our tailored solutions, ensuring seamless transport for unique shipments.

Vehicle spare and
 accessary Logistics

Streamlined spare parts logistics ensuring swift delivery for uninterrupted transport and delivery machinery operations, backed by integrated customer service excellence.

Heavy Project Cargo

Efficiently transport oversized project cargo with our seamless break bulk shipping solutions, utilizing diverse handling equipment and multi-modal transport for smooth delivery.

ATA Carnet & Luxuary 
car Import Logistics

Simplify global trade with our ATA Carnet solutions and luxury cargo import services, ensuring seamless customs procedures and duty-free transactions.

Break Bulk 
( RoRo / LoLo)

Efficiently transport oversized cargo worldwide with our comprehensive break bulk logistics solutions, offering seamless coordination from storage to customs clearance.

Our Clients


Efficient Global Cargo and Freight company

Warehousing and Storage

Efficient warehousing and storage solutions tailored to meet your logistical needs, ensuring seamless inventory management and timely distribution.


Overland, Ocean and Air Freight

Comprehensive freight services encompassing overland, ocean, and air transport, delivering reliable and cost-effective solutions for your cargo needs.

Consulting Services

Strategic consulting services designed to optimize logistics operations, streamline supply chain management, and enhance overall efficiency.


Why Choose Almilog?​

Reliability and Trust

Almilog's core commitment to reliability is evident in our proven track record of thousands of successful shipments and worldwide client satisfaction.

Competitive Pricing

Quality service is delivered at competitive pricing without sacrificing reliability, as we tirelessly seek cost-effective solutions tailored to your budget and logistics requirements.

Customer-Centric Approach

At Almilog, prioritizing our clients means exceeding expectations with proactive communication, personalized service, and flexibility in addressing challenges, ensuring your business always comes first.

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