Pharmaceuticals cargo


Spices have been the catalysts of some of the greatest adventures in human history, like Christopher Columbus’ voyage. Still today, Spices empower us as explorers, even if we never journey beyond the kitchen counter. They energize our daily adventures in food and remind us of journeys to exotic places and favorite meals with loved ones. Spices exports are consistently moving up during the last one decade. The Indian Spices exports have registered an increase of 210% in quantity and 622% in value during this period. Now it commands 46% in global trade in terms of quantity and 28% in terms of value.


Non Haz Chemicals

FLUID- Bag Flexi is a foldable, single-trip container designed for long-distance transportation. Flexi is a resource-saving container with a unique combination of low tare and high strength. ALMI COMPANY is specialist for providing various flexi bags for various liquid commodities.

Quality and Safety :- The quality of the transported liquid remains uniform. The single trip containers are always cleans and provide a closed system avoiding the risk of particles, bacteria or moisture contamination. Every inner container is inspected and leakage tested before packed in transport boxes.

Economy : Single trip – no return freight costs – no cleaning costs – minimal non toxic material for disposal.

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