Conventional energy sectors


Solar panels

At Almilog, we have specialized expertise in transporting solar panels and components with utmost care and efficiency. We understand the sensitive nature of this high-value cargo.

Our secure crating and packaging solutions prevent damage from impacts, moisture, or shifts during transit. We utilize air-ride trucks and specialized equipment to ensure smooth transportation.

Whether you need to move individual solar panels, racking systems, or full container loads locally or globally, Almilog offers tailored logistics services. Our team follows strict handling protocols.

From manufacturing facilities to solar farms worldwide, we manage your entire supply chain seamlessly. Real-time tracking provides full visibility over your shipments.

Wind turbines

Almilog specializes in the complex logistics of transporting wind turbine components safely and efficiently. We have extensive experience handling these oversized, heavy cargoes.

Our specialized trucks, trailers, and cranes are designed to move wind turbine nacelles, blades, and towers securely. We create customized lashing and load-out plans for each shipment.

Whether you need to transport a single component or complete wind farm units locally or globally, Almilog offers comprehensive logistics solutions. Our team follows strict safety protocols.

From manufacturing sites to wind farm projects worldwide, we manage every aspect of your supply chain seamlessly. Real-time tracking provides full visibility.

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