International carnet

International Carnet

At Almilog, we understand the complexities of shipping goods internationally on a temporary basis using ATA Carnets. Our expertise ensures a seamless logistics experience.

An ATA Carnet is a merchandise passport that simplifies customs procedures across multiple countries. It allows for temporary import of goods without paying duties and taxes, provided the items are re-exported within the specified timeframe.

Whether you need to transport professional equipment, commercial samples, or goods for trade shows/exhibitions, Almilog can handle your ATA Carnet shipments efficiently. We expertly prepare all required documentation and coordinate transportation and customs clearance.

From start to finish, we manage every step of the international Carnet logistics process. Our global network of trusted partners ensures full compliance in each country.

Choose Almilog for reliable and hassle-free ATA Carnet shipping solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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