Cargo Hub is world leading logistic service company and provide #1 Solution.

Cargo Hub is the world’ s leading logistic service company, We have a wide experience in overland industry specific logistic solutions like pharmaceutical logistics, retail and automotive logistics by train or road.

We bring your goods safely to worldwide destinations with our great sea fright services.We offer LLC and FLC shipments that are fast and effective with no delays.

International Sanitary wares Logistics

In the competitive realm of luxury bathroom fixtures, including Jacuzzi® swim spas, high-end showers, and premium toilet fittings, our logistics company ensures seamless delivery and distribution globally. From sourcing international sanitary appliances to managing transportation, our expertise guarantees timely and efficient supply chain solutions for your bathroom needs. 

Experience unparalleled convenience and reliability as we handle the logistics of transporting everything from wash spa tubs to toilet sinks with precision and care. With our comprehensive services, your high-end bathroom projects are in capable hands, ensuring satisfaction from shipment to installation and beyond.

Vehicle spare and accessary Logistics

In the realm of spare parts logistics, meticulous planning is essential to swiftly address breakdowns in transport vehicles or delivery machines, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations. Service parts logistics, distinct from raw material and product logistics, focuses on supporting machinery post-sale, optimizing fulfillment, speed, quality, and cost for enhanced customer satisfaction. 

With logistics customer service seamlessly integrated into our operations, we prioritize fulfillment processes, ensuring timely delivery and impeccable support for your machinery needs. Our commitment lies in the comprehensive fulfillment of customer orders, emphasizing efficiency and reliability throughout the supply chain.

ATA Carnet & Luxuary car Import Logistics

Navigating international customs regulations is made seamless with our ATA Carnet services, enabling temporary import or export of goods without duty or VAT payments, facilitating hassle-free commercial transactions.

Additionally, we specialize in the smooth importation of luxury cargo on a Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) basis, ensuring a seamless process from origin to destination.

Special containerised Equipment Project Cargo Transport

Handling shipments that defy standard container constraints, our specialized logistics expertise ensures seamless transport for goods requiring unique handling, equipment, and permits. With a comprehensive range of services, we manage every aspect of logistics, providing customized transport planning tailored to your cargo’s specific requirements from start to finish.

Heavy Project Cargo Transport

Break bulk ocean shipping serves as the preferred method for transporting heavy project cargo that cannot be accommodated in standard containers, utilizing diverse handling equipment such as big trailers, large wooden boxes, and crates. Our comprehensive services encompass multi-modal transport, ensuring smooth delivery from the initial loading onto ships or barges to the final door at destination.


Break Bulk ( RoRo / LoLo)

From wood to steel rolls and wind turbine parts, our ocean shipping services specialize in transporting oversized cargo that defies standard container dimensions, utilizing racks, pallets, and cranes for loading.

We offer comprehensive storage, assembly, and modification solutions for your cargo, both indoors and outdoors, ensuring efficient handling at every stage. With expertise in coordinating air, land, and sea transport, we guarantee seamless logistics management from shore to ship, including RoRo and LoLo services for any quantity.

Residues Oils into Flexi tank containers.

Petroleum residues, derived from the distillation of crude oil, are crucial for fueling power plants and industrial boilers, serving as a primary energy source in various applications. These residues, categorized into atmospheric and vacuum residues, undergo specific conditions during distillation, catering to different end uses.

Our logistics company specializes in efficiently managing the transportation and distribution of residual fuel oil, ensuring uninterrupted supply to power generation facilities and industrial sectors.

Pharma Chemicals

Pharmaceutical chemicals, designed to interact with living cells, pose unique environmental risks when dispersed, emphasizing the need for careful handling and transportation.

As essential components of healthcare and food production, these chemicals are globally utilized, underscoring the importance of seamless logistics solutions. Leveraging our international network, we collaborate with buyers, traders, and manufacturers to facilitate the smooth transfer of pharmaceutical chemicals between countries.

Glycerin Logistics

Glycerin, a versatile industrial ingredient utilized in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and various other sectors, requires specialized handling for its transport due to its beneficial properties and diverse applications.

Our logistics company offers expert assistance in transporting this liquid cargo via flexi tank connected containers, ensuring a convenient and cost-effective method for seamless international transportation.

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