Iron & Still Products


Factory structures

At Almilog, we specialize in carefully transporting factory structures and components both domestically and internationally. Our experienced logistics team understands the complexities involved in moving oversized machinery, hazardous materials, and sensitive equipment required for industrial operations.

We offer end-to-end solutions for factory relocations, plant expansions, and new facility setups. Our services include specialized crating, exhaust pipe bundling, heavy machinery loading and unloading, and transportation via truck, rail, air, and sea.

Factory relocation

Relocating an entire factory is a massive undertaking. At Almilog, we have the experience and resources to handle factory moves of any size and complexity.

Our turnkey relocation services cover every aspect of the process, from meticulous planning and equipment decommissioning to packaging, transportation, and recommissioning at the new site. We create detailed timelines to minimize downtime and disruption to your operations.

Our logistics experts carefully disassemble, crate, and load all machinery, materials, and production lines. We arrange for specialized trucking, rail, air, and maritime shipping as needed to transport your assets safely. Once delivered, our team reassembles and installs everything precisely at your new facility.

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