Oils & Chemicals

Amino Acids

Amino acids are essential for life, serving as the building blocks of proteins. At Almilog, we understand the critical importance of transporting these delicate compounds safely and efficiently. Our specialized logistics solutions ensure amino acids maintain their integrity from origin to destination.

Our temperature-controlled facilities and tailored packaging protect amino acids from environmental factors that could compromise their quality. We work closely with manufacturers to develop handling procedures that prevent contamination and degradation. With real-time tracking, you can monitor your shipments every step of the way.

Almilog is a trusted partner for companies dealing in edible oils like vegetable, seed, and nut oils. Our food-grade transportation solutions keep these oils fresh and free from contamination. Temperature-controlled tanks, proper handling, and adherence to stringent regulations allow us to move bulk and packaged oils reliably.

Food Additives

The food industry depends on Almilog’s expertise in transporting a wide range of additives used for enhancing flavors, textures, and shelf life. We employ specialized processes to protect these sensitive ingredients throughout the supply chain. Our logistics solutions ensure regulatory compliance and product integrity.


Fortified Wines

Fortified wines like port and sherry require careful handling to preserve their unique flavors and alcohol levels. Almilog’s climate-controlled wine logistics protect these premium products from heat, light, and vibration. We plan every shipment meticulously, accounting for factors like temperature variations along the route.

Wines (Red, White)

Our wine logistics solutions are tailored to the needs of winemakers and distributors worldwide. We have extensive experience transporting both red and white wines while maintaining their delicate properties. Temperature-controlled containers, specialized racks, and careful handling are our hallmarks for ensuring wines arrive in perfect condition.


Fruit Juice Concentrates

Almilog has the cold chain expertise to move juice concentrates globally while protecting their flavors, colors, and nutrient levels. Our refrigerated shipping containers and insulated tank transport solutions keep these sensitive liquids at their ideal temperatures from processing facilities to packaging plants.


As a versatile ingredient used in foods, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products, glycerine requires proper handling. Almilog’s logistics solutions ensure the safe transportation of glycerine, avoiding contamination and quality issues. Our expertise spans bulk and packaged shipments.

Mineral Water

We understand the importance of keeping mineral water sources pure and uncontaminated during transport. Almilog’s food-grade tankers and rigorous handling protocols protect the integrity of mineral water shipments, whether sourced from springs or produced industrially.


This natural sugar substitute is used widely in foods, beverages, and health products. Almilog’s temperature-controlled logistics solutions ensure sorbitol maintains its quality and dissolving properties during transit. Our handling processes avoid moisture absorption that could impact the product.

Vegetable Oils

With our extensive experience in bulk food transport, Almilog is an ideal partner for companies dealing in vegetable oils. Our specialized oil logistics include temperature-controlled tanks, proper ventilation, and prevention of cross-contamination to preserve freshness and flavors.

Beer (Flat)

Brewers rely on Almilog for the transport of flat beer products. We have extensive experience handling this sensitive cargo, utilizing specialized equipment like refrigerated trucks and insulated containers. Our logistics experts understand the importance of protecting the flavor and carbonation levels until the beer reaches its final destination.

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